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There is a number of different games at the modern virtual casino. So, according to statistics, the most popular card fun is still Poker. This entertainment has many different versions. Recently, Video Poker machines have appeared in the online casino of Australia. These original gaming devices combine the features of a card game and a progressive video slot. It is for these qualities Australian gamers love Video Poker so much and compete on PC, tablet and mobile devices without limits.

Video Poker or slots – what do you prefer?

What does a Video Poker machine look like? Video Poker is an original gambling entertainment in a virtual club, which is a synthesis of Poker with a slot machine. The game is played on a special machine, without the participation of a croupier.

The meaning of the round: a user runs the machine, which gives different card hands on the screen. The player has to collect a certain combination to get a win. So, if a casino client has collected two 10s, his winnings will be 1 to 1 of the bet. Unlike classic Texas Hold’em, Video Poker has a Joker card. This figure replaces any card to make the best combination. The Joker in Video Poker is a variant of the Wild symbol, if shortly.

Many newbies of virtual casinos do not know what to choose for entertainment: slots or Video Poker. And there are 4 differences between Video Poker vs slots. Read and decide, which type of game is most interesting to you:

  • If you play slots, the main thing for you is the favor of luck. While playing Video Poker you need knowledge of mathematics and some other skills;
  • When playing slots, you can’t track payout percentages. In Video Poker, the situation is completely different – the payout percentages are obvious and presented in a special table;
  • The advantage of the Poker machine over slots is that a gamer can plan a refund strategy, since the game interface includes a paytable;
  • Most modern Video Poker slot machines have a very low casino advantage, unlike classic slots.

Video Poker game is played with a classic 52-card deck. There are 2 stages in the round: the player bets money and starts the gameplay, then gets cards and decides to keep the cards or discard them. Second stage: a new distribution of cards begins, after which the winning combination is determined. If there is no combination, the casino client loses the bet.

Famous developers of the best Video Poker software

Modern developers are constantly creating new unique game innovations. This also applies to Video Poker casino software. If you are interested in finding out which top developers are introducing gaming products on Australian casino sites in 2020, then read the list below:

  1. IGT;
  2. Real Time Gaming;
  3. BetSoft;
  4. Bally.

You can enjoy the best Video Poker to play by top casino software developers in both paid and free formats. This game is the most popular among Australian gamers in 2020. Many users immediately switch to real betting mode because they are familiar with the rules of traditional Poker. The most popular types of Video Poker are Deuces Wild and Jokers Wild. You can also take part in bonus programs on the sites of Australian casinos.

Professional Video Poker gamers sometimes choose a multi-hand option. They play multiple hands at the same time. As you may have guessed, you will need a bigger bankroll to play more hands, because each of them counts as a separate hand. But this kind of gameplay is incredibly addictive and dynamic.

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